Welcome to Cindy’s World. Hope You Enjoy the Ride….

January 25 2013 Hello out there.  Welcome to my first blog entry.  After years of requests, prodding, gentle encouragement, nagging, forceful nudging, guilt-tripping, and exasperation (and that’s just my inner monologue), I’m finally plunging into the realm of blogdom.  I have no idea exactly what shape this will take and I welcome suggestions and feedback. I also reserve the right to change my mind from day to day, month to month, or, if I have the stamina, from year to year.  Actually, there is more [...]
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It’s All About the Decades April 23, 2014

Turning fifty feels surreal, like I’m entering my sixth decade and I’ll finally come much closer to understanding those Theater of the Absurd plays that I studied and loved when I was in my teens and twenties.  Wikipedia defines these plays as “focusing on human beings trapped in an incomprehensible world subject to any occurrence, no matter how illogical.”  The characters have to “draw their own conclusions and make their own errors.” Much like absurdist drama, life now comes into there is more [...]
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It’s All About the Weddings

July 25, 2013  Part I: The Year of the Weddings I’m getting married next week. I never expected that. Marriage wasn’t in the picture for me 45 years ago, when my friends were playing house and bride and flower girl. I hated dresses and the whole image of being a wife or walking down an aisle to a waiting groom never entered my mind. I didn’t have any clear concept of why that didn’t fit for me at that time. Marriage wasn’t in the picture 30 years ago, when I marched with friends there is more [...]
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Final Stretch

PART I     PART II    PART III PART I - Final Stretch With one week left in my Vermont stint, I find myself getting excited about going home, where I know I belong. At the same time, I feel emotionally fragile and weepy when I think about leaving this pleasant little enclave that Edie and I have called the “Nothome” for the past several months. When I look back on my 49 years and particularly on the 17 years since I became a nurse practitioner, I realize that I have been very resilient there is more [...]
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It’s All About the Dog….or the Alpacas

May 6, 2013 The longer I’ve been living 314 miles from home, the more I realize that I am not someone who should be living without pets. I lived without other humans for many years before Edie came into my life and I was fine with that. However, other than a 14-month temporary job just two hours from home back in 2003 (I called those “Stump Days”-- another day, another blog), I’ve always had cats living with me. I originally thought of myself as a cat person because I followed that there is more [...]
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House Calls

March 31, 2013 I’ve lived in Maine longer than I’ve lived anywhere in my life, but even if I stay there for the rest of my life, I’ll never be considered a Mainer. It’s a state rule. I had to accept that back in 1996 when I drove over the New Hampshire border on the green bridge with a carload of items that were too important to send in the moving truck; Butch, my old and temporarily sedated big orange cat; and Ebi, the one-eyed rescue bird. My friend Boo (conveniently, that’s there is more [...]
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It’s All About the Soup…Or Maybe the Snow

I came to Sneezeville to work, and that’s most of what I do while I’m here.  The rest of the time, I’m tired, sore and cranky.  That’s the clinical term.  It really should have a billing code; I’m sure I’d use it as a diagnosis a few times a day. I’ve been working between three and ten hours of overtime a week.  That may not sound like a lot, but it is for me, considering that even 40 hours has been physically difficult.  There was a time when I routinely worked 55-60 hours there is more [...]
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It’s All About The Cheese 2/18/13

The past weekend was my second in a row alone in the small town in Vermont that sounds like a sneeze. Last weekend, friends from Boston were supposed to visit but they were stranded by a snowstorm. This time, Edie (I’m still calling her that), her daughter (I’ll call her Judy), and the grandkids (we’ll protect them for now on the far-off chance that this ever goes viral or gets into the view of unsavory types) were going to come down, but they have all had some sort of yuck--that’s the clinical there is more [...]
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